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What are the application aspects of ball valve seat in petroleum exploitation

Time : 2022-11-17 Hits : 90

API ball valve seat is widely used in oil drilling, deep sea drilling and other fields, is the main parts of pumping pump valve ball, ball seat, as one of the key components in the pump, its service life must be considerable. Facing the harsh working environment of the oil drilling industry, the cemented carbide ball valve seat must have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, high pressure resistance and so on.


Carbide ball valve is evolved from the traditional plug valve, its opening and closing parts for a ball, through the ball around the stem axis to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. The working environment and conditions of the oil drilling industry are very strict. Usually, water, various gases, wax, sand and other highly corrosive substances are contained in manholes, heavy oil Wells and high-pressure anti-traps. The oil pump needs to extract the oil from hundreds or even thousands of meters of strata, which requires the valve ball and seat to have good sealing, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. API ball valve seat wear resistant, corrosion resistant acid and alkali resistant, is used on valves and bearings, high pressure containers, precision is nano, finish 0.025. Meet the harsh environment of oil drilling to the required parts and equipment high requirements.


API ball valve seat has the following outstanding performance features:

 1, hard alloy ball valve with the lowest theoretical flow resistance, reduce friction;

 2, with excellent chemical stability and wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can be in contact with most of the liquid and some corrosive media;

 3, hard alloy ball valve in high temperature and high pressure environment, still can achieve complete sealing effect;

 4, due to the hard alloy ball valve as the opening and closing parts, less affected by friction, can achieve fast opening and closing, and the impact of the operation is small, and the spherical closing parts can withstand the closure of the existence of a higher pressure difference, but also can realize automatic positioning;

 5, hard alloy ball valve with bidirectional sealing, making the work more stable and reliable.