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In response to the global economic recession, titanium carbide manufacturers are taking action

Time : 2022-10-27 Hits : 43

Zhuzhou Wansheng Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd has been deeply involved in titanium carbide powder and titanium alloy industry for many years. After years of development and layout, the company has achieved large-scale production, fine management and large-scale procurement. Finally, the production cost has been greatly saved. The sales model has also transitioned from the traditional model to the new model (from the intermediate trade model to the factory direct sales model).

In addition, the price of raw materials has recently been reduced. In the background of global economic recession, our company is willing to work hand in hand with customers to overcome the difficulties and create new glory together! In order to let customers feel the real sincerity, our company decided to reduce the original sales price of titanium carbide by 10% from August 1, 2022 for the titanium carbide powder produced.