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The advantages and prospects of titanium alloy

Time : 2022-09-22 Hits : 64

With the current development of the world economy and the progress of science and technology, more mineral metal elements are refined and deep-added to be favored in various industrial fields. Tungsten and titanium are two of them. In recent decades, tungsten and titanium-based alloys are new alloy materials that have an irreplaceable position in the military, aerospace, marine, mining and other industries.

Tungsten alloy has the following characteristics: high specific gravity, high melting point, high hardness, high temperature resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and relatively stable chemical properties. Because of the high density is commonly known as high specific gravity alloy, heavy alloy or high density tungsten alloy. Widely used in electronics, electric light source industry, metal cutting tools, light industry and other military industrial weaponry field also has a broad world, but also known as an important strategic metal.

Titanium alloy has: low density, high strength, high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Titanium alloy corrosion resistance is far better than stainless steel, can adapt to the seawater wet, harsh environment in the work. Titanium alloys have low density, light weight, and can maintain high strength at high temperatures and are widely used in the aviation and marine industries and mining industry. And titanium alloy is more cost-effective than tungsten alloy, so titanium alloy in the field of wear resistance will have a greater prospect.